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HISTORY We will share with you the story of the Medina, a place you have known through its tight alleys, numerous merchants, multiple Bazars or even its high aging walls. The Medina was the birthplace of Marrakech, its walls is what separates the new modern Marrakech from the old 600 hectares of the authentic one. Join us to ...
Halloween, la date la plus frissonnante de l'année approche à grands pas ! Vampires, sorcières, fantômes, citrouilles et autres araignées seront de sortie, en cette fin de mois d’octobre pour célébrer cette fête folklorique et païenne traditionnelle originaire des îles Anglos-Celtes. Made in Marrakech vous a déniché le...
ACCOMODATION Once you’ve chosen your dream destination, the first thing you will ask yourself before going on an adventure is : where to stay ? To answer your question and to make your Marrakech dream a realty, Villanovo agency, specialized in upscale rental of luxury villas, charming houses and luxury homes, will help you to pick ...
CULTURE The city of Marrakesh holds in its corners a lavish history, a long lasting heritage, the touch of hundreds of years of different dynasties. Amongst the different rulings, it was the Saadians that has helped Marrakesh grow in beauty, they paid more attention to it, and they renovated, built and embellished it. Making i...
HISTORY Amongst the rare jewels of the city of Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque, located in the southwest of the old medina. We will take you on a journey to explore the story behind this towering trademark.
Wedding is a celebration of Love and the union of two lovers, with all beloved family members and friends, how about making this special day the perfect day!
Made In Marrakesh have prepared for you a selection of the must venues that will help you prepare for this beautiful occasion.
Whether for an after work or a little get together with your friends, the Red city holds multiples venues where you can enjoy yourself around cocktails and tapas. Made in Medina will help you find the right place for you with its selection of the best Tapas Bars in Marrakesh.
Whether in summer, spring or even in winter, feeling happy or a little bit down, what could be better than a refreshing scoop of ice cream with all your favorite flavors.
Today we will be discovering the best spots to have delicious Ice Cream in Marrakesh!
CULTURE The guerrabas were once numerous in the Jemaa El Fna square. You see one from far away, and you know the heat of Marrakesh is tolerable, as you will quench your thirst thanks to his leather pouch, and a brass cup filled with water. We will share with you their story and this dying noble profession.
If you have gatherings in your house, and you want to prepare something special that would keep your guests and their palate entertained. We will share with you the top spots of culinary delicacies.
CELEBRATION The 14th February is nearing and we are looking for a different and unique way to celebrate it. The Royal Mansour is offering an unparalleled experience through your Valentine’s Day. The posh refined allure, the Moroccan elegance and the luxury this place offers are inimitable.
In 2014, Moroccan gastronomy was ranked second in the world's best gastronomies according to the WorldSIM Travel Blog. It has thus become one of the tourist attractions of the destination thanks to its wide variety of dishes reflecting in reality the history of the Kingdom and the different populations who lived there....
Want to relax, and explore the authentic Moroccan beauty rituals; the red city is the place to be. To help you find the right destination, we have prepared a selection of the best spas in Marrakesh.
A family vacation is a very enjoyable moment for the whole family until you run out of ideas to occupy your kids, or sometimes you just need a little break to relax and enjoy the day. That is why we will be reviewing for you, the best Kids Clubs in Marrakesh that will make you wish you were a kid again!

FOOD & ART L’envers is known for its constant innovation, and that is no different through the start of the 2019 New Year. As they have made their new Menu exposed to the public eye. A mouthwatering culinary experience that you can discover with us!
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Last Saturday, as we leave the E-Prix of Marrakech on the sidelines, we are faced with the new project presented through the collaboration of the urban commune of Marrakech, the Regional Council of Marrakech-Safi and the sustainable transport company EMOB. The project was centered on their promotion for the Electric Mo...
WOW Marrakech is known to offer a versatile menu of adventures, a mixture of different sources of joy is gathered in this red city. You can easily spend the morning in the snowy mountains of Oukaimden, and on the way down stop for a traditional Tajin on a hill overlooking the flowing river of Ourika, by sunset you’ll be ab...
Sometimes the city can have its toll on us; all you want to do is take a break away from all the stress.
That is why today we will help you discover the best spots where you can relax and refill your batteries from Marrakesh to the Ourika Valley.
HERITAGE The one and only Dar El Bacha, a place that remains amongst the trademarks of Marrakesh, has been recovered by the National Foundation of Museums in 2014, being The Museum of Confluences. A simply beautiful palace that reserves the Moroccan culture in its foundation. We will share with you its story!
And it's back for another round, the golf season opens again in Marrakech! With its 12 golf courses, the ochre city attracts many golfers every year. Whether they are amateurs or professionals, Moroccans or foreigners, golfers appreciate the ochre city for its mild climate in winter and its atypical courses. Between ch...

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Day One

Day One Lounge Restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy oriental flavours. Located in the heart of the chic wintering district, Day One will take you on a journey of senses to the four corners of the Orient thanks to a typical...


Italian cuisine is an art brilliantly mastered by Gusto. Let yourself be seduced by the sunny flavours of the Italian peninsula thanks to a generous and elaborate menu. To offer you a one-way ticket to Rome, Chef Tarik has lovingly selected authentic...

Enigma Escape Game

Enigma Escape Game is the perfect address for challenge and adrenaline enthusiasts. The 300 m² of the complex is spread over 3 escape rooms, spaces cleverly designed to offer a life-size escape game. Puzzles, secret passages and clues will spice up your...

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