About the city

4 things you will only see in Jemaa El Fna

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

WOW Marrakech is known to offer a versatile menu of adventures, a mixture of different sources of joy is gathered in this red city. You can easily spend the morning in the snowy mountains of Oukaimden, and on the way down stop for a traditional Tajin on a hill overlooking the flowing river of Ourika, by sunset you’ll be able to ride camels as the sun goes down through the dusty road in the Palmeraie. What also makes this city special is Jemaa El Fna Square, the unusual and unique scenes you will witness there are hard to forget. We will share with you a glimpse of what makes it exceptional.

Snake charmers

Hypnotizing snakes with their magical music, it is a sight that never leaves the square, the tradition is kept, as there are multiple snake charmers presenting their show as they put a spell under these deadly creatures that we wouldn’t dare get close by. A show that is mystifying by itself, it requires no advertisement, you find yourself pulled by the music and the movement of the snake.

Miscellaneous Stands

You might have visited an amusement park growing up. You should be familiar with the different stands, each one having a game or activity of its own; adding to the fun of the park. Well in the Jeema El Fna Square, there are multiple stands in open air, you can now go fishing for your soda bottle, it sounds unusual, but after a long day of walking and trying different snacks it sounds like a nice way to quench your thirst by playing a fishing game. Try your luck!

The street dentist

In your walk in the square you wouldn’t think about finding a dentist in the open with his tools. In Jeema El Fna, there are actually multiple, he is here to help you remove your molar to relieve your pain, or maybe add to it! Or he can set you up with new dentures. What we can guarantee to you is that it will be cheaper than the competition. It is fun to look at his display of decaying teeth and dentures laying in an insanitary way, it almost looks artful.

Uncommon professions

The common hot weather in Marrakech has given birth to an uncommon profession. “The Gerrab” is usually found in the old Medina, his job is to provide glasses of water to those who are willing to pay for it. Easily identifiable with his big round hat, red outfit and the container of water made out of goat skin. He has a bell that he rings and glasses of copper strapped on his chest that make a distinctive noise so you would know of his presence.