All you need to know about the Ourika Valley before hitting the road

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

DISCOVERY The valley of Ourika is a destination enjoyed by the locals as much as it is enjoyed by tourists. The perfect escape from the heat and the noise of Marrakesh. Only a few kilometers away, you find yourself in this haven of waterfalls and rivers, surrounded by greenery, with the Atlas Mountains as your backdrop! We will help you discover all you need to know to hit the road to Ourika.

Where is it?

60 Km away from Marrakesh in the South-east, towards the Atlas Mountains.

How to get there?

It’ll take you around one hour from Marrakesh

- By car: follow the Ourika road

- By Taxi: from 300 to 400 Dh roundtrip.

- For an excursion including the tour guide and the taxi (Price depends on the agency)

What to see?

- On your route as you reach km 34, you will find yourself in a daily market, as the nearby villages gather around to sell their goods. Douar Tnin Ourika has a family ambiance and organic products; you can pick up some vegetables for your tajine at Ourika Valley.

- The destination is beautiful, however, do not miss out on the journey, as the entire route is unique. The greenery, the hills, and the overlaying mountains will make your trip special.

- The waterfalls of Setti-Fatma: There are 7 waterfalls; the first can be quite easily accessed. As for the remaining 6, they grow in difficulty the higher you climb. We would suggest asking for help from the locals to guide you through the best route.

When to go?

- Seasons: Ourika offers different themes in the four yearly seasons. You can enjoy the fresh river and waterfalls during the summer. The falling leaves and changing colors in autumn. The solitude of winter and of course the greenery of spring.

- it is best to explore the corners of Ourika early in the morning. Enjoying a long walk at your own pace.

Do I need a tour guide?

If you have a good experience in trekking and with rough courses, you might need to climb to reach certain waterfalls. On the other hand, if you are a novice in the latter, we would suggest hiring a tour guide.

- Price: About 300 Dh a day.

What should I take with me?

Bring the basics, from your bottle of water, a hat for protection from the sun and good trekking shoes. Without forgetting your bathing suit and a camera to document the journey!

Where to eat?

It all depends on your taste. There are multiple restaurants where you can literally dip your feet in the river as you enjoy your meal. The menu is traditional and basic: Tajine and a lot of grilled meat or chicken, it is up to you to choose.

What about children?

The visit is very children-friendly. You can go for donkey rides as you climb up the steep hills. Go for a walk as a family, or have them enjoy themselves in the river.

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