Art'Hotel: Nouveau concept by Sofitel Marrakech

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TOURISM A whole new concept is to expose permanently in the hotel.

These permanent exhibitions are held in places open to the customer and the public and relate to the art of artists having a relationship with the Morocco, be they Moroccan, resident or foreign national of passage...

The area of exposure affects all the arts... painting, sculpture, photography, design furniture and decorative objects, jewellery, styling...

The exhibition relates to various artists and designers, including:

Painters: G.Vassilkov, s. Martin, h. Moussahim, a. Oggo, a. Gerez, f. Marco, v. Claeys, Kibari, s. Lutri, y. Elkhafay, v. Treasury Board sculptors: y. Elkahfay, l. Dedouani, a. YOUSSI Photographer: C.Lermytte Designers: B. Haddad, o. Marcette Art objects: l. Landon (luminaire glass) Accessories: O. Oberlin (fans), r. Gemini (stoles and jewellery) Luci (jewellery)