Dar El Bacha The Museum of Confluences

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

HERITAGE The one and only Dar El Bacha, a place that remains amongst the trademarks of Marrakesh, has been recovered by the National Foundation of Museums in 2014, being The Museum of Confluences. A simply beautiful palace that reserves the Moroccan culture in its foundation. We will share with you its story!

20th Century Palace

Dar El Bacha Palace as it was known in the 20th century is located in the midst of Marrakesh, identified now as the Museum of Confluences. It holds a treasured history as its last resident was the actual Pasha of Marrakesh Thami El Glaoui. Along the line the palace has welcomed more renowned personalities from General De Gaulle to the ex-Prime minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill without forgetting the epically silent Charlie Chaplin.

Moroccan prestigious Masonry

It is a fact that Moroccan architectural had many influences, it also carries a lot of the Andalusian flavor, and this shows clearly in the Palace. Your eyes gaze away in the detailed and colorful Zellige tile work, the sculptured beams and the carved cedar wood without forgetting the unique massive wooden doors.

Exhibitions portraying Moroccan Culture

There was a dedicated exhibition towards the great work of the philanthropist Patty Birch as she has made it her life’s mission to preserve and share the aging art. Through her journey she was able to restore the Minbar of the Koutoubia all the way back in the sixties and amongst her wishes was to transform Dar El Bacha to an Art Museum, that wish came true and in memory of her life mission; multiple of her 200 pieces of art collection have been introduced in the Museum under the name the Journey of Patti Birch: Passions and collections.

Open all week excluding Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Price: 30 Dh for locals and 60 Dh for foreigners and free for children and students.

Friday: Free access for locals and foreigners resident in Morocco

Guided tours on reservation