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France 2 makes you discover the Marrakech of Yves Saint Laurent

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

On Monday 16 October, on the occasion of the opening of the two museums dedicated to him, in Paris and Marrakech, France 2 dedicated its cultural program "Stupéfiant!" (Amazing!) to Yves Saint Laurent, a fashion genius. If presenter Léa Salamé recorded her programme in the new museum in Paris, a report had been shot in Marrakech and was devoted to "Yves Saint Laurent's Morocco" or how the ochre city was a revelation for the fashion designer and how it subsequently influenced all his creations. For those who would have missed this report, Made in Marrakech offers you a catch-up session.

This 15-minute report is an opportunity to discover Yves Saint Laurent "the Moroccan". Through the testimonies of Jacques Grange, Christine Alaoui or Mustapha Zine, friends of the couturier, some videos of the period or recordings of Yves Saint Laurent himself, we marvel at "these years Marrakech", those that inspired the genius of fashion. It is also an opportunity to learn how the creator drew on the city's energy to put it into his clothes.

The report also tells us about mythical places such as Villa Oasis or Jardin Majorelle with the eyes of Quito Fierro, secretary general of the Fondation Jardin Majorelle. One learns, moreover, a surprising anecdote, that the very famous "Bleu Majorelle" was actually created by Yves Saint Laurent and not by the French painter.
Far from the Parisian grey, and inspired by all these colours, the designer will then multiply the sketches and create his new collections. He left the black tuxedo behind and opted for vividly coloured clothes. He reinterprets the caftan or Moroccan trimmings, is inspired by the colors and flowers of the Jardin Majorelle... In short, he brings this orientalist enchantment to the podiums and this is how the colors of Marrakech radiate in France and in the world. It sets the tone for a new generation fashion style, followed by the greatest ladies of the time as well as the more popular classes inspired by it. A fashion genius was born!