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Ftour in Marrakech

RAMADAN Ramadan's started and over the first few days, there's only one thought on our minds, "What am I going to eat to break my fast?" Without a doubt, ftour is one of the most lively meals of the year. Certainly everyone's on time for dinner as we patiently wait for the call to prayer letting us know that we can break our fast.

While most prefer to share the ftour with family, after having had the same harira and chebakias for a week, we can be excused for wanting a bit of a change.

To help you out, Made in Marrakech has put together a list of the some restaurants serving ftour.

- Le Comptoir Darna organises ftour and dance shows every night, as well as an Eastern band from Sunday to Wednesday.
- Atlas Golf Marrakech offers ftour and entertainment on the terrace with an impressive view of the golf. Buffet or relaxation passesmassage + ftour).
-Le Méridien N'Fis offers a buffet each day on the Andalousian garden terrace with a show and entertainment under "Khaymat Ramadan".
- Oasiria offers private access to the pool for women as well as ftour.
- L'hôtel La Mamounia organises an daily ftour buffet.
- The Queen Atlantic, L'After Stone, La Grillardière serve ftour each day.
- Restaurant Jana serves ftour and offers dinner shows every night with Chaabi musicians.
- Grand Café de la Poste and L'hôtel La Renaissance serve ftour and dinner daily.
- Murano Resort provides access to the pool as well as ftour.