Hamid Bentahar, le luxe et l’authenticité

INTERVIEW This passion for Marrakech is Vice-President of Sofitel Morocco. He speaks to us of its Marrakech, its luxury, its authenticity and small crunchy stories.

I am vice President of Sofitel Morocco. I develop the Sofitel brand in the Morocco, the most beautiful brand of luxury of the Kingdom. We are present in Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir, Rabat and soon Casablanca. and Tamuda Bay. For Agadir, we put in place the Thalassotherapy new generation with the sea view. The Casablanca will be positioned archi, design very arty and well-being and will complement the supply business of the capital. Finally, that of Tamuda Bay gives on the Mediterranean, a very beautiful resort near Tetouan.

Luxury by Sofitel

Sofitel ambition is to connect the refinement of the world French elegance. The promise "life is beautiful" symbolizes the opening to the world, a French word which claims the French roots of the mark. We want to magnify the world of travel, countries, cities and destinations where we are installed by putting forward what it has more refined. The Morocco, we are only this international luxury brand in the most beautiful destinations of the Kingdom and our intention is to show in each destination what it was best, of refined. We want to show the intelligence of the destinations, the flamboyance while away stereotypes and folklore. No Sofitel is similar to another, each has its identity.

The evolution of the luxury

Luxury is a very broad topic that is changing and continues to evolve from one country to another, from one individual to another. Moved the "happiness for all" to the "happiness for each"and now it 's"happiness for me and after will be" (laughs). The person can pass through different stages of definition of luxury. For some, luxury goes hand in hand with time, for others it is to have beautiful cars, for others it is able to make the bike in the campaign. The luxury it also space, concepts often returning, evasion and authenticity in the living meaning a moment "true" and not in its folk version.

The luxury Marrakech

The paradox it is also the snow and the Sun, it is the tradition and modernity. The most beautiful photo of Marrakech, this is a horse-drawn carriage, a ferrari and a bike and guess which is the richest? Certainly not one that is Ferrari (laughs). Marrakech is to hold together very rich and very modest people in one place: go to Jemaa El Fna square, there are people super rich and super modest who spend their days together, which will share a juice to 5DH. We find it nowhere.
The trend goes to the "hand sewn", which goes further than the customization. And the means to meet these needs it is listening to and customize the service, to tailor the service for each client. There is a luxury for him so the idea is to be able to read the people there face and understand what they are seeking to present a response and make them an experience to share. Talking much experience but adapted to individuals with time. I myself am VP of Sofitel Morocco but "papa" with my little daughter and then "brother of" in the company of my brother, and "son of" with my mother; my expectations on every moment are different. And the luxury is the ability to identify what will make me happy with every moment. It is the ability to provide services based on the desires and to go further than the conventional standards.
Is a permanent quest to go for the needs of customers, feel what they want, and be in empathy to understand what they want and not to sell his product at any price. The idea is to make unforgettable experiences, they keep memories with what one of best in our culture, and our brand also has and to try to provide a response to their desires. And to do that tomorrow is better than yesterday. We have a real satisfaction: exceptional media spin-offs, a return of our clients who attend our hotels, rewards of Awards (a hundred of the world luxury Awards) and all it shows us that it is on the right direction.

Anecdotes of luxury

The Marrakech to Hamid

-What is your hobby preferred to Marrakech?   I much... the work and the family rides in the region

-What is your greatest quality?  Curiosity

-Marrakech restaurant what advise us you?  Al fassia or Dar Rhizlane for the Moroccan, otherwise may thai

-That is what you like most to Marrakech?  His paradox

-Red or green?Rather red, Marrakech

-Point or underdone?A point

-Tagine or couscous?Tagine
InterviewZineb Bennouna
Photo Simon Saliot