Le Fogo de Chao, a one way ticket to Rio


HEADLINE The mythical Palmeraie Golf Palace Marrakech has recently adopted the title of the livliest place to be in town. A black corridor illuminated by the fluorescent light is the entry to the roof, and the Brazilin style decor is sure to put you in the mood.

The hall, decorated in the same colours is both spacious and intimate, you have a choice to sit upclose to the centre stage or at a distance for a perfect view of the whole show. 

The menu has a choice of fish or meat from 280 dh to 300 dh and wine or cocktails can be ordered by the glass or by the bottle. The large variety of meats and fish served on skewers made in Brazil, follow one after the other at your own pace.

On stage the 9 group members, from Brazil or Venezuela, dance in vivid colours and perform musical shows full of energy. Pole dancers, belly dancers and beautiful Brazilian dancers in feathers come around the tables entertaining everyone to the sounds of south American music.

The hosts, the servers and the rest of the staff participate in the show and join in with party, providing friendly service in a lively atmosphere.

During short breaks in the show and at the end of the evening, the resident DJ, perched above the bar, takes over with house music.

Fogo de Chao is an elegant venue with an ongoing party atmosohere. A trip to south America, with a hint of Moroccan and European flavours, which ends like a firework in a beautiful setting.

Text Stephanie Jacob

Photo Fogo de Chao

Translation Karen Athwal