L’envers unveils new menu

Per: Majda FADILI  

FOOD & ART L’envers is known for its constant innovation, and that is no different through the start of the 2019 New Year. As they have made their new Menu exposed to the public eye. A mouthwatering culinary experience that you can discover with us!

Two years have already passed since L’envers has first seen light in Gueliz. The restaurant quickly gained popularity due to its mixture of Drink, Art, Food & Music ideology that seemed to appeal to its increasing customers. The setting is inspired of the New York vibe within the heart of Marrakech, a pleasant marriage that doesn’t end there, but it starts in the creative delicious menu that the restaurant offers.

A unique Menu

The new menu offers an experience around the world to your taste buds, whether you want a light meal, we suggest the Tokyo Salad, the mixture of sweetness and saltiness with the arugula, mango, avocado, onion, tomato and fresh salmon. There is also the featherlike delight Lima Salad, composed of the quinoa, kiwi, raisins and tomato with crunchy nuts.

The Mexican food has also made its way to the cuisine and menu of L’envers. Whether you are desiring a classic Tacos or even some Quesadillas, you can dig in and enjoy them. If you would like to entertain your palate, there is also the Taquitos with either chicken or boeuf filling; without forgetting to mention the vegan Verde version of the Taquitos to please all tastes.

So fresh, so tasty!

Regardless of the changes made to the new menu, it has kept some of its trademark dishes that L’envers is famous for. The delicious bagels will make your palate travel through the corners of the world once again, varying in recipe and presentation. There is also the delightful slices of bread with different new toppings, from vegetables to smoked salmon, goat cheese with honey and fruits, to the French Brie cheese with the sweet salty ingredients.

The rustic planks offer a cozy way of presenting the dishes that cater to all tastes, ranging from Roasted camembert with seasonal fruits, satay skewers, Valencian tortilla, homemade croquettes or wedge apples. However, when you happen to be amongst friends, we recommend that you order to share the Lebanese, Moroccan or international planks; it’ll add flavor to your night.

So arty

L’envers is known for its cuisine, its ambiance, its music, but more importantly for its art. The first thing that attracts your eyes is the huge mural art work that is invading the restaurant. In perspective the art exposure will also be led by the upcoming artist Mchimich with his latest exhibition named ‘Machakil’ which translate to ‘Problems’. The opening for his latest work will be taking place in L’envers on the 22nd of January. We will get to see up close the talent of Mchimich, as we know him for his graffiti, calligraphy and huge urban murals, with a mixture of the African Moroccan touch and the modern graffiti touch, his work is nothing less than unique. Leaving his trace in multiple festivals from Dar Zagora with his street art to the Design at Tameslouht and also the Atlas Electronic Festival. Don’t miss out on the opening on the 22nd of January!