About the city

Marrakech is as seductive as ever

Per: Julien ANTINOFF  

NEWS According to the stats of 2014 that have been conducted by Hotels.com Marrakech is still reigning among the top 10 most selected destinations among the French.

After the ranking that was conducted by the international online hotel booking website, the city of New York remains the destination the most privileged and most visited on a global scale along with 7 other cities, from London, Barcelona to Rome; as we can deduce, the continent of Europe is domination the top 10. However, the good news is, Marrakech is present among these monumental cities.

The French will always have a soft spot for the beautiful city of Marrakech and all of its mystical charm, as it is ranked on the 8th position. Moreover, the ocher city, is the only city that has been mentioned from the entire continent of Africa.

Translation: Amine Ouahbi