Marrakech: The city that warmed the hearts of countless celebrities

Per: Majda FADILI  

HISTORY The gorgeous imperial city of Marrakech has stolen the hearts of many celebrities, with its magnificent climate and the outstanding landscapes that is known to have; from the mountains to the dunes, from the palm trees to the deserts, the fusion that warmed the hearts of all of these iconic personalities, as they all share their love and passion for the ocher city.

Winston Churchill: The prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945

The former prime minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill, has fell like many others under the charm of the red city, right from his first visit back in 1935, which happens to be the trip when he painted his first painting. Since then, Winston Churchill was travelling back in forth to Marrakech more often, as he made a strong friendship with the pasha of Marrakech Thami el Glaoui. Winston spent a lot of his time at La Mamounia Hotel, it is also where he painted his famous Sunset on the Atlas Mountains painting, inspired by the gorgeous view he had from the balcony of his suite.

Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Designer (France)

Yves Saint Laurent has also fallen victim for the charm of the red city, his first visit to Marrakech was in 1966, a visit that has changed the life of the fashion designer, as he consequently acquired a house in the Medina, as well as the famous Majorelle Garden, in addition to Villa Oasis in 1980. Moreover, as Yves Saint Laurent rediscovered himself in his journey of soul searching, he was inspired with by the red city, as he came up with most of the ideas for his designs in the south pearl. Furthermore, since 2010, the Majorelle Garden is now named after the Native Algerian fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, a way of paying respect to this amazing person.

Joséphine Baker : The American-born French singer and dancer

This beautiful dancer has become one of the luxurious regulars at the gorgeous city of Marrakech, once she visited the city, she couldn’t stay away from it for too long, she even had a tight platonic relationship with the famous Thami el Glaoui, pasha of Marrakech, as he offered her a wing in his palace, as it turned in our present time to the known Riad Star.

George Orwell : Writer and Journalist (United Kingdom)

Eric Arthur Blair, also known under his famous alias George Orwell, yes the author of the famous Animal Farm, among several other masterpieces. The writer has visited Marrakech for the first time in 1939, as he was suffering from tuberculosis, his own doctor that was located in the red city has ordered him to stay in Marrakech to recover, as the climate of the city was suitable to better his condition. Moreover, not only was George orwell feeling much better, he also fell in love with the gorgeousness of the ocher city, and it was his own personal muse, as it has inspired many of his essays in his book that was based on his observations for the colonialism that was taking place at that time.


Photo: DR

Translation: Amine Ouahbi