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Oukaimden ski station: all you need to know

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

PRACTICAL Ski season is on its way, and the best place to enjoy the snow and the sport is in Oukaimden ski station. An hour away from Marrakesh, you get to live the contrast in weather and activity.

Through December to February, it is the perfect time to enjoy Oukaimden. By then the High Atlas Mountains have been decorated with the snowy trails. If it is the first time you will be enjoying Oukaimden, then we will share with you all the practical information you will need: from the location, skiing equipment, the restaurants and even the prices of transport.

Where is it?

70 km away from Marrakesh

What’s the altitude?

Between 2.610 and 3.268 meters

How to get there?

- By car: Just follow the Ourika route

- By Taxi: Between 150 and 200 Dh

What month does it open?

It depends on the weather every year, but usually, the station is open in December and ends at mid-April. As for this year, its opening has been delayed.

Best hour?

From 10:00 am to 04:00pm

How many trails?

If it has rained snowed heavily, there would potentially by 3 green trails, 4 blue, 8 red, and 3 black. In general, there often 2 to 3 trails open.

How to get up to the trails?

There is a chair lift that will help you get to the highest altitudes. As for the lower altitudes, you have 5 ski lifts available. How many of them are operational, will depend on the weather conditions.

Chair lift price?

20 Dh per lift, 50 Dh for half a day and a 100 Dh for the entire day.

Equipment rental price?

It adds up to 150 Dh per day alongside with the needed shoes and the skiing equipment.

Where to eat?

To each his own taste so we will leave you with the recommended options

-You can go for a warming bowl of snails.

- More traditional: You can find the Moroccan restaurants with the local tajine.

- French touch: Chez Juju will give you a French tour to your palate with its dishes and unique atmosphere.

Where to spend the night?

You can find cozy cottages and cabins, and also apartments or even a hotel room.

The best way to enjoy Oukaimden is to go skiing in the morning. After midday as the sun reaches its zenith, you should go for a hike and absorb the beauty of the slopes and its surrounding vistas.

Why should I go?

To experience the snow and to get a closer look at the backdrop of Marrakesh that is the Atlas Mountains. Not a lot of people have gone skiing in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.

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