Royal Mansour Marrakech: an ode to Love

Per: Majda FADILI  

CELEBRATION The 14th February is nearing and we are looking for a different and unique way to celebrate it. The Royal Mansour is offering an unparalleled experience through your Valentine’s Day. The posh refined allure, the Moroccan elegance and the luxury this place offers are inimitable.

One day a year to celebrate love with your second half, the entire day needs to be memorable, it needs to be magical. The Royal Mansour knows the importance of this day, and you shall find out what it has prepared for you!

One on one tea delight

A delightful time spent with a glass of tea can make your day. Seeing the special occasion, there will also be a little tower of mouthwatering sweets. There is the French Macaroons shaped in hearts, raspberry Breton, strawberry pie and poppy marshmallows. Take your time and dwell in the luxury this place has to offer as you drink your tea in a romantic setting.

Served from the 11th to the 17th of February from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Price: 350 Dh per person

The Artful Tanjia at La Grande Table Marocaine

With the guidance of Karim Ben Baba, your dinner at La Grande Table Marocaine will take an original culinary turn. You will be tasting the famous Tanjia, a true trademark of Marrakesh, taking your palate through the history of the modest medina homes. Without forgetting to mention that the first 14 men to have reserved for the Valentine’s Day dinner, they will get to access the kitchen and witness the slow cooking technique for the traditional Tanjia. Nonetheless, for the women who would like to relax in the meantime, a trip to the Spa of the hotel will rejuvenate you.

Price: Dinner for 1250 Dh per person (excluding drinks) at La Grande Table Marocaine

Appetizer offered

Appetizer and cuisine course included

Musical entertainment

The Spa Royal Mansour Hammam is for the exclusive price of 900 Dh per person.

The offer is uniquely available to those who have reserved their dinner of Valentine’s Day at La Grande Table Marocaine.

Culinary Luxury at La Table

With the Michelin-starred Chef Yannick Alléno pulling the strings in the La Table of Royal Mansour, you are guaranteed a grand culinary experience. As you settle in the romantic yet luxurious venue, your journey through the wondrous menu starts. You can begin with the Hibiscus poached foie gras or maybe the pigeon with honey and pure saffron, without forgetting the Saint-Jacques Agnolotti. The savory dishes are made in such detail, that it is only fair to end your palatable journey with the red berry vacherin.

Picture: Royal Mansour Marrakesh