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The International Clinic of Marrakech, when health becomes comfort


PLACE Since May 2011, the Red City has seen a new medical establishment open on the Airport Road. The establishment, more like a modern hotel, offers all varieties of medical services in a clean and bright setting, making you almost forget the purpose of your visit.

There are two hundred and seven people in total who are there to ensure the comfort of every patient and the highest living conditions are met in the establishment. Practitioners and specialists have all been specially picked for their excellent training and solid reputation. 

The International Clinic of Marrakech has innovative and highly efficient technology, with five operating theatres that are fully equipped with the latest technical support. The imaging centre, one of the best in the city, provides for radiological emergencies 24 hours a day, through modern equipment which provides an accurate diagnosis and 3D virtual reconstructions. The clinic also offers top orthopaedic surgery, gynaecology, neurosurgery, cardiology, neonatal resuscitation and a paediatrics department and for the record, the International Clinic of Marrakech recorded six hundred births last year. 

Patients can opt for double or single rooms, each one air conditioned, with functional furnishings and equipped with satellite television and wifi access, luxury suites in a private area of the clinic are also available. 

The service may be upscale but as Professor Chaara Assad, Cardiologist and co-founder of the clinic, states “all patients are welcome; we work with all insurance companies and social security services, domestic or foreign.” Moreover, their motto speaks for itself; Access to quality healthcare for all. 

Text Stéphanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal

Photos CIM