The story of the Medina of Marrakech

Per: Camille CHATAIGNIER  

HISTORY We will share with you the story of the Medina, a place you have known through its tight alleys, numerous merchants, multiple Bazars or even its high aging walls. The Medina was the birthplace of Marrakech, its walls is what separates the new modern Marrakech from the old 600 hectares of the authentic one. Join us to find out more about its long lasting history.

Birth of the Medina

The red city was given birth to in 1070 by The Almoravids and to be more specific by Youssef Ben Tachfin, the man behind its towering walls, its mosques… while adding the Andalusia touch. It has been titled as the capital of their empire, as we go through the course of history The Almohad have also made Marrakech their imperial capital. It only lost its title for it to be changed to the regional capital of the south, as we had the Marinids who relocated the capital to Fez towards the end of the 13th Century.

Period of embellishment

The Medina regained its value as The Saadians were in control of the state back in 1525 but before that it was the Almohad that gave birth to the famous Kasbah as they have focused more than 4000 craftsmen to build the reddish memorable walls. However, Marrakech has reached the zenith of its beauty under the Saadians as they have added their touch to it. After having control over Fez in 1549, Morocco was united with the Ochre city as its Capital.

The struggle of the city

After several decades of struggle; the city went through different rulings and major changes in the struggle of power in the state. Finally the city was conquered by the French Troops in 1912, and after regaining their independence in 1956, from then the architectural design and the masonry had a more modern touch which led to the mixture that made Marrakech so special. Its growth is still progressing till this day.