The Treasures of the Pearl of the South

Per: Elisa FOURT  

TOURISM For nearly a millenium, Marrakech has been glowing. The daily activity and hustle and bustle make this city unique. People milling about the souks day after day. And meeting in the evening over couscous or tanjia in Jamâa El Fna. Marrakech, a sunny and leisurely town is also filled with interesting encounters and history. Obviously, it’s been around for nearly a millenium...

The best way to understand the Red City is to visit it. In the medina, like in other areas, the buildings rise up and tell of a unique past. Just stop by El Badii Palace or Bahia Palace and imagine the past events that took place inside the palace walls. Or head over to the Majorelle Gardens and admire the architecture while enjoying the scents of the surrounding plants.

Imagine the city during the time of the Saâdiens by visiting their tombs and discovering the statues of the Seven Saints of Marrakech. Or put yourself in the shoes of a student at the time when Ben Youssef Medersa was an active Koranic school by visiting what is now the largest museum in the city.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the basin at the Menara Gardens or in the fabulous little gardens at Dar Si Said. History is all around. And admiring it is part of the fun. The city is diverse, filled with imprints from the various dynasties that have reigned here.

The flagship sites in Marrakech create the essence of the city. Breathe it in. Admire them. Discovering these places will provide an understanding as to why this city’s known as the Pearl of the South.

A real treasure in the heart of Morocco, the Red City is impressive, sure to leave a footprint in your mind. And if you don’t believe it, come for a visit.

Text and photo: Elisa F.
Translation: Mandy Sinclair