Vincini: The temple of shoes

Per: Majda FADILI  

SHOPPING Vincini is setting a new benchmark for shoemaking, as all their product are on point, perfectly fit for all men. Thanks to a French expertise and a day to day Moroccan experience all while using the finest source materials… The best in his domain, Jean-Michel Davanzo, the founder of La Maison Vincini has revealed and established a new standard for quality and creation, and he has done it all in the beautiful city of Marrakech.

Tell us about your background and about your passion for shoes?

As I was fascinated and very passionate about shoes, I have had started an internship back in 1991 in Paris, at an artisanal shoemaker. After 3 years of hard work and learning, I have decided to open my own store, and yes all still in the city of Paris, and it was a luxurious shoemaking store.

How did the story of Vincini begin in Marrakech?

In 2003 I have finally taken one of the biggest decisions in my career, and that is to move to the kingdom of Morocco. I knew there were a lot of artisanal masters who worked mainly with genuine leather, so that reassured me that I will find what I need here to build my own legacy, and share my craftsmanship, as well as my luxurious shoes. 

What makes Vincini shoes unique and special?

The Vincini shoes are a creation that is a perfect fit for you, it is also highly customizable, it all depends on your taste and preference, whether it was the entire outlook, the color or even the padding and the comfort of the shoe. We have around 80 models of shoes in our boutique, helping the client browse through the different styles, color schemes, the different material used and so on and so forth… We are also offering an after purchase service, as you come and get your shoes fixed and repaired if there was ever the need for that. From loafers to Richelieu to derbies, the sneakers and golf shoes we offer are with no limit, because with Vincini, you will truly know the art of shoemaking.

What are the Source Materials you use, and what makes those latter different and unique?

To make our shoes, we mainly use calf leather from the best French tanneries, and the reason behind that is the strong and durable properties of this material. For lovers of originality and innovation, there is also exotic products that are made from exotic material, ranging from crocodile skin that comes from the United States; the snake, eel, ostrich and ray from the beautiful country of Thailand.

Have you made any shoes for celebrities?

Some unique personalities have contacted us to acquire our products and our magnificent craftsmanship, from Pierre Bergé, Rudi Garcia, which is the trainer of AS Rome and there is also the coach of AS Saint-Etienne, Christophe Galtier, and many other football players.


Photos: Vincini

Translation: Amine Ouahbi