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Walk down the saffron road


READ The route de Ourika reveals more treasures than we know about , one such treasure is that of Christine Ferrari who settled on a plot of two acres and half in order to create her Paradise du Safran. We tour in the footsteps of this Swiss women who has made Morocco her home.

Here is where you will become a poet. In just one year, Paradise du Safran turned an empty field and a stable into a cultured area with a rare and delicate flower. The tour begins on two hectares planted with saffron, the next harvest will be held in November for three weeks. Christine knows all the ins and outs of the flower, made of six purple petals and three saffron threads, planted by hand. To the right of the field, we discover the herbs, citrus fruits and exotic fruit trees and roses with a unique fragrance. Each visitor receives a bunch of herbs with explanations of how each herb is cultivated. Paradise du Safran has been installed in Marrakech since 2011, the aim here is to acquire true safran, the first harvest in 2012, was classified Category 1 according to ISO 3632-1 standard. The results are organic saffron free from any residue during pruning, keeping only dark red filaments without any yellow. One can easily imagine the magnitute of such as task, especially when you know that it takes between 150,000 to 200,000 flowers to get a kilogram of saffron. 

When time stops...

A place where nature reigns, inhabited by a passionate and warm woman, this place offers a sense of freedom, a rarity in these modern times. Paradise du Safran can be visited to enjoy the tranquility with a glass of tea made from herbs grown in the garden, lunch is also available on request. The chef prepares delicious dishes, of course using saffron. This little piece of paradise is an essential stop on the Route de Ourika. 

Practical Information

Free admission for those who wish to buy saffron 

For single visitors, a one hour guided tour, a bag of herbal tea : 50 dh per person and free for children

Text Stephanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Paradis du Safran / Alain Boulanger