We tested the Zwin Zwin Zwin Café for you

Per: Majda FADILI  

Is it possible to go for a stroll in the medina without taking a break on one of its terraces ? The answer is no, especially after discovering the Zwin Zwin Zwin Café, a warm cocoon where it is good to chill at all hours of the day. Made in Marrakech's editorial team tested the Zwin Zwin Café for you.

Whether you are a tourist or a native marrakchi, strolling in the medina is an exhilarating activity that can last for hours. For our part, our Sunday stroll in the Riad Zitoun Lakdim district led us to the Zwin Zwin Café, where delicious scents emanate. The few steps to climb lead us to the cosy interior living room, where Moroccan style marries perfectly with Pop details. But on this sunny day, we could only give in to the call of the terrace. Panoramic, the view from the Zwin Zwin Café offers a 360° view of the city, an exceptional landscape suspended in time.

Healthy & tasty

Comfortably seated on the bench, we discover a menu that breathes freshness with gourmet salads, generous wraps and a selection of Moroccan specialities. For our part, it will be the special dish of the day : the tagine of swordfish, freshly delivered from Essaouira. The fish fillet is perfumed with a delicious flavour, served on a bed of subtly seasoned chermoula sauce. To accompany this florilège of flavours, a tender semolina which has the merit of being made from whole wheat.

After this iodized gustatory getaway, it's time for dessert. We then follow the friendly recommendations of the waiter who strongly advises us the "must eat" of the Zwin Zwin Café: the apple pastilla. The culmination of our meal, this revisited sweetness is surprising and puzzling for puritans who love milk pastilla, but above all exquisite ! Homemade crispy, fine homemade brick leaves, caramelized apples and a delicious salted butter caramel sauce sublimate the taste.

It's hard to leave the place when you see the blazing sunset with the Koutoubia and the palm trees that adorn our horizon. After a refreshing home made lemonade and a few souvenir photos, we leave this nugget of the medina charmed by the flavours of the meal and with only one idea : to return there as soon as possible !

We loved : the panoramic view, the service, the cosy spirit
Our must eat : apple pastilla
The plus : vegetarian dishes, semolina and wraps made from whole wheat