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Nestled in the heart of Hotel Selman the gorgeous Assyl restaurant is situated in the pavilion that is right across from the majestic oasis, all by the hands of the prodigy decorator Jacques Garcia, trying to revive the vintage flare of ottoman embroidery, carved wood and the magical crystal chandeliers. However, in the culinary side of the establishment, they offer gastronomic traditional Moroccan dishes.

Not to forget, the oriental lounge is located on the floor that is blessed with the view of the stupefying gardens of the Hotel.

Opening hours
Open from Thursday till sunday

Moroccan gastronomy

Chef Saadia and her team of sous chefs and other members of the kitchen staff all under the command of the the executive chef Ludovic Gomiero

Opening year
April of 2014

As you go upstairs you find the Oriental Lounge overlooking the magnificent gardens of the Selman Hotel, falling in this warm and cozy atmosphere, that makes this place extremely unique and charming, all of it as you enjoy refreshing beverages and their refined cocktails.
Moreover, you also get to indulge in the Arabian thoroughbreds running around in the gardens (only on saturdays) as well as a great entertainment Moroccan style. With this more than perfect combination you get to truly enjoy the gastronomic dishes.


From 180 to 750 Dhs
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  • Assortiments de salades marocaines façon Dada 200 Dhs
  • Farandole de briouates aux saveurs ancestrales 200 Dhs
  • Pastilla de lotte à l'épinard et coulis de mechouiya 200 Dhs
  • La traditionnelle harira marrakechia et ces condiments 200 Dhs


  • Tajine de poisson à la mode de Safi 290 Dhs
  • Tajine de poulet à la tombée d'oignons et raisin sec 290 Dhs
  • Collier d'agneau mderbal d'aubergine et au citron confit 290 Dhs
  • La Tangia marrakchia 290 Dhs
  • Couscous Selman avec poulet et bœuf 290 Dhs
  • Tagine de kefta aux oeufs et à la tombée de tomate 290 Dhs
  • Tagine de boeuf au petit pois et à l'artichaut 290 Dhs


  • Doigt de fatma au fruit sec, jus court, citron confit et sorbet Orange-Gingembre 90 Dhs
  • Crème Noble au safran de Taliouine sur son sablé façon selou et crème glacée à la noix 90 Dhs
  • Délice au citron et craquelant de duo de dattes et gingembre 90 Dhs
  • Crème brûlée de cannelle et son crumble de chebakia 90 Dhs
  • Pastilla de lait aux amandes et à la rose de kalaate mgouna 90 Dhs
Assyl KM 5, Route d'Amizmiz, 40160 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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