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When fashion meets beauty, it gives Atelier 44, a confidential address nestled in the heart of the Guéliz district. More than a concept store, Atelier 44 is a hybrid space that revolutionizes women's habits by offering them the opportunity to shop and take care of their skin, all in a cosy space with a boudoir spirit.

Favouring organic and natural ingredients for optimal results is the leitmotiv of Atelier 44. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of beauty, Ouafae Berdi, the initiator of the concept, carefully selects the cosmetic brands offered and the treatments provided in the cabin, a range of choices resulting from research by the best European laboratories.

On the fashion side, Atelier 44 regularly finds you unique pieces and creations from stylists with the original signature. Bags, jackets, tunics, slippers, t-shirts... Ouafae's finds and favorites will renew your wardrobe in all seasons.

A word from the Owner
Atelier 44 is the space that Ouafae Berdi has concocted with a very precise vision: to offer its customers a place dedicated to beauty, starting with active cosmetics, its specialty for more than 20 years. Here, less perfumes, colorants, preservatives, less superfluous for a return to basics, pure ingredients and noble...and active raw materials.

To be able to choose between the ranges, Ouafae offers personalised skin diagnostics during a private interview, and concludes care routines whose results it guarantees. Need a boost? No less than 14 facial care protocols, adapted to each skin type, and carried out by a trained and applied team.

To accompany a radiant complexion, there is nothing better than one of the latest creations by confidential stylists that Ouafae sorts by hand according to its findings and favorites.

A place to discover in Marrakech, a unique service, Where Beauty meets Fashion.

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  • Manucure 40 min 130 Dhs
  • Pédicure 60 min 180 Dhs
  • Pose vernis couleurs 40 Dhs
  • Pose French 50 Dhs
  • Manucure +pédicure 75 min 280 Dhs
  • Manucure +pose vernis permanent 60 min 300 Dhs
  • Pédicure +pose vernis permanent 60 min 400 Dhs
  • Pose vernis permanent mains 30 min 200 Dhs
  • Pose vernis permanent pieds 30 min 200 Dhs
  • Manucure +pédicure + 2 pose vernis permanent 550 Dhs
  • Dépose vernis permanent 40 Dhs
  • Pose gel + couleur / french 550 Dhs
  • Retouche ongle au gel 75 min 50 Dhs
  • Remplissage + couleur french 30 min 300 Dhs
  • Dépose de gel 140 Dhs

Epilations douceur

  • Lèvres 25 Dhs
  • Menton 25 Dhs
  • Sourcils 40 Dhs
  • Epilation visage 100 Dhs
  • Aisselles 35 Dhs
  • Aisselles 35 Dhs
  • Bras 60 Dhs
  • Avants bras 40 Dhs
  • Bords de maillot 40 Dhs
  • Maillot échancré 60 Dhs
  • Maillot intégral 100 Dhs
  • Demi-jambes 60 Dhs
  • Jambes complètes 100 Dhs

Soins nettoyants et purifiants

  • Soin visage hydratant 300 Dhs
  • Soin visage matifiant 300 Dhs
  • Soin visage apaisant 300 Dhs

Soin Anti-Age

  • Soin sublime de Marisa Berenson "à base d'huile de figure de barbarie" 60 min 600 Dhs

Programmes intensif anti-age

  • Soin Wishpro- infusions de sérum à base d'acide hyaluronique, collagène...sans injection 600 Dhs
  • Masque Biologique "effet liftant" 500 Dhs

Soins beauté ciblés aux actifs marins

  • Soin pionnier (soin révélateur de jeuness, visage, lèvre, décolleté...) 75 min 700 Dhs
  • Précision regard (véritable mise en beauté des yeux) 30 min 200 Dhs
  • Révélation lumière (soin éclat uniformisant) 60 min 600 Dhs
  • Soin intention jeunesse (soin correction rides raffermissant) 60 min 600 Dhs
  • Soin citadine (soin fraicheur de peau anti-pollution) 60 min 600 Dhs
  • Soin Hydra blue (soin désaltérant repulpant) 60 min 500 Dhs

Rituels de beauté à l'oriental

  • Délices Marocains visage aux pépites d'argan 60 min 550 Dhs
  • Tendrement visage aux joyaux aromatiques 30 min 350 Dhs

Massage Bienvenue

  • Massage "ASA" bienvenue à Bali 60 min 550 Dhs

Massage Anti-Fatigue

  • Massage "ASA" fruité anti-fatigue 60 min 550 Dhs
  • Massage "ASA" fruité anti-fatigue 30 min 350 Dhs

Massage régénerant

  • Massage rêve d'Orient de Marisa Berenson 60 min 550 Dhs
Atelier 44 44, Rue Tarik Ibnou Ziad, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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