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The famous restaurant-bar lounge moved to Marrakech in 2015. True to its reputation, the establishment offers a journey around the senses, a discovery of the influences of the Pacific Rim movement and a fusion cuisine.

The place is both timeless and present in its time, evoking the cultural opulence of Asia and the West today. We discover a universe mixing finesse and exoticism. From the entrance, the tone is set by Buddha's impressive sculpture. Inside, we discover a variety of atmospheres, vibrations and cultures, always in a warm and lounge atmosphere. Dazzling height, opulent decoration, magnificence of colours, scents and cultural influences, carved wood, noble and precious materials, mirrors and paintings adorning the walls, a subdued light, muffled by an imposing red, give the place the appearance of a majestic neoclassical sanctuary. And for more privacy, the place is composed of small lounges for a friendly dinner. It is a true timeless journey between East and West.

On your plate, you will find Asian dishes concocted by the world-renowned chef Ashish Purty, which will perfectly match the signature cocktails designed by the group's excellent mixology expert Matthias Giroud.

Finally, we know all the playlist Lounge of the Buddha-Bar mixing Electro-Ethnic rhythms and bewitching tribal sounds. So we find them here with pleasure. And as a highlight of your evening, the establishment also offers shows with magical choreographic tableaux! Let yourself be hypnotized by the grace of the dancers, bluffed by the performance of professional acrobats or transported by the music.

An evening you will remember for a long time!


From 95 to 750 Dhs
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Entrées Chaudes

  • Rouleaux de printemps croustillants au Poulet 145 Dhs
  • Miso Soupe aux Saint Jacques : Pousses d’algues, champignon enoki 135 Dhs
  • Soupe Tom yum aux fruits de mers: Crevettes, calamars, saint jacques, citronelle, chili 145 Dhs
  • Calamars croustillants 150 Dhs
  • Yakitori de poulet 155 Dhs
  • Beignets de crabes façon thai 175 Dhs
  • Gyoza de canard fumé au foie-gras 185 Dhs
  • Dumpling de homard et crabe 225 Dhs

Entrées froides

  • Salade d'herbes et mesclun 95 Dhs
  • Salde de poulet Buddha Bar 135 Dhs
  • Salade de fruits de mer Thai 155 Dhs
  • Duo de Sashimi Tacos 155 Dhs
  • Huîtres de Dakhla (12 pièces) 280 Dhs
  • Duo de Tartare de thon et saumon 160 Dhs
  • Pizza japonaise au Sashimi de thon rouge 160 Dhs
  • Ceviche de loup-bar, sauce piment jaune, huile de truffes 160 Dhs
  • Tataki de thon épicé en Ceviche 175 Dhs
  • Tiradito de fruits de mer, lait de coco épicé 185 Dhs

Dim Sum à la vapeur

  • Végétarien 110 Dhs
  • Poulet 135 Dhs
  • Crevettes 165 Dhs
  • Assortiment de Dim Sum (2 pièces/chaque) 155 Dhs


  • Végétarien 125 Dhs
  • Crevettes 165 Dhs


  • Légumes 180 Dhs
  • Poulet 230 Dhs
  • Gambas à la Mandchourie 250 Dhs
  • Boeuf szechuan (de Mongolie) 260 Dhs

Grillades japonaises ROBATA

  • Saumon Teryaki 250 Dhs
  • Filet de boeuf grillé 280 Dhs
  • Côtelettes d'Agneau Australien 360 Dhs
  • Côtes Black Angus braisées à la Coréenne 390 Dhs
  • Entrecôte australienne 420 Dhs
Buddha-Bar Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid, vers la Ménara, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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