Rolls Club

  • Cabaret
  • International
  • Sport bar
Le Rolls Club is a restaurant and bar owned by a Rolls Royce car aficionado, in a cosy atmosphere filled with vintage Rolls Royce photos the ground floor serves as a restaurant, and the second floor is a lounge filled with sounds of jazz music.

Le Zeryab

  • Cabaret
  • Tapas bar
Zeryab Tarab is an eastern cabaret with live musical shows, located in the Red Hotel, near the Opera Plaza of Marrakech.

Le Carre Rouge

  • Cabaret
Le Carre Rouge is a restaurant and club with live music and a dance show. The large space can accommodate a large number of people for dinner throughout the night.

Le Nil

  • Cabaret
Le Nil is this authentic Cabaret, a place where you can enjoy and indulge in the genuine experience of a Cabaret, with the different drinks, the distinguished décor and of course the band with the oriental dancers that make it all come together perfe...

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