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Couleur Cannelle is the address to remember in Marrakech to dress its interior as well as the open spaces of its habitat. Passionate about the world of the house, the founders of the boutique frequently look for original pieces to offer you a unique universe. At Couleur Cannelle, the art of the table is in the spotlight thanks to a refined selection: a contemporary porcelain range from Limoges, cutlery with vintage or modern lines and a selection of crystal glassware "Made in France". Favourite creations from the most prestigious brands such as Alessi, Pomax, Guzzini, Marioluca Guisti, Limoges, Le Jacquard Français, Cristal d'Arques, Ledeun and Elie Blue.

Decoration is a major detail at Couleur Cannelle, where you will find a large selection of decorative objects. Statuettes, candle holders, trays, frames, embroidered cushions, ethnic paintings... the favourites of the owners will make your interior a unique setting, in your image. Refinement remains the common thread in furniture. Tables d'hôte with raw lines, fancy pedestal tables, deep sofas, cosy armchairs, decorative consoles, coffee tables... furniture made of noble materials harmoniously combines modernity and tradition.
Lamps, table lamps, chandeliers... the luminaires selected by Couleur Cannelle are not only for their primary function, they are also aesthetic objects that highlight your interior.

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