Arborescence Marrakech

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Arborescence Marrakech, located on the road to Casablanca, offers a wide range of plants of all kinds, exotic palms, shrubs, vines and small trees, in a perfectly maintained environment. A bonus; at the top of the property there is a cafe and games...

Maroco Paysages

  • Garden center
Make this the year you make your garden a priority. Mediterranean gardening demands a certain knowledge like: understanding the climate, knowledge of plants, and plant association. Maroco Paysage strives to design and execute the landscaping pr...

Hortis Landscaping Design

  • Garden center
Hortis landscaping Design specializes in landscaping and floral and garden arrangement. Not only are they available to create, a team of professionals is available to care for your garden as well.

Les pépinières de Rmat

  • Garden center
Les pépinières de Rmat offer a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants and shrubs. Attractively priced, the diverse range of flora should beautifully colour your home.