R-Révolution Santé Marrakech

  • Health
  • Fitness center
  • Coaching
R-Revolution Santé is the first health optimization centre in Africa. Located in the Targa district, this place of living and sharing is intended to support patients with chronic diseases and people concerned about their health. To do this, the centre called on a team of transdisciplinary experts composed of doctors, nutritionists, sports coaches, physiotherapists, ps...

La Clinique Internationale Marrakech

  • Clinic
The Marrakesh international clinic or ICD is a multidisciplinary clinic built on 4 levels and fully-equipped medical materials. ICD offers a hotel service high-end in his 5 suites. On an area of 500 m2, this establishment combining care and amenities has a competent medical team national and international physicians who ensure the comfort of patients. The medical ce...

Naturom Médina

  • Naturopath
Naturom is a multi-faceted place that's both a botanical garden and a wellness area. Guided tours allows guests to discover the different kind of medicinal plants, and to understand their effects and see the cosmetic and natural remedy products be...

Sophro-Rando by Joelle Lavialle

  • Trekking
  • Coaching
  • Sophrologist
Sophro-rando is organized by Joelle Lavialle, sophrologist and relaxologist, is a type of nature outing designed to reduce stress and internal negativity through walking journeys in the mountains and the outskirts of Marrakech.

Centre de Dialyse Targa

  • Medical center
The hemodialysis center Targa, is located as the its names clearly states in the district of Targa. The establishment is known for its magnificent doctors, welcoming staff and impeccable services, all conducted in a cozy environment, very clean and h...

Dr. Lahlou Taoufik

  • Dentist
If you are looking for a dentist for your children or yourself, Dr Toufik Lahlou is a dental surgeon with 20 years of experience. The surgery is in a friendly and welcoming setting in the heart of Marrakech.

Polyclinic South

  • Clinic
Polyclinic South is located in the centre of Marrakech, the facility offers many services, including plastic surgery, facelifts and hair transplants.

Clinique Ibn Tofail

  • Clinic
Clinic Ibn Tofail is located in the heart of the Gueliz district, minutes from Jemaa El Fna.

Military Hospital

  • Hospital
The military hospital is free for members and their families, but paid medical care for the rest of the community.

Hospital Ibn Tofail

  • Hospital
Ibn Tofail Hospital is based in the medina of Marrakech. Originally, the hospital was intended to serve to obstetric and gynecological surgery but today, many medical specialties are available here. Emergency Service: 05 24439274

Hospital Ibn Zohor

  • Hospital
The hospital Ibn Zohor is located along the walls near The Mamounia.

Sagephi Maroc

  • Home care
Sagephi Maroc offers in-home medical assistance for patients with health-care issues, the elderly or reduced mobility. The team of health-care professionals at Sagephi Maroc respond to all demands, on time and in the best way possible.

Marrakech Medical Center

  • Clinic
  • Medical center
Marrakech Medical Center is this establishment that is a mixture between a 5-star hotel and a hospital, to reach maximum comfort for the patients, it is featuring 120 beds, 40 beds, 56 apartments. It is located over 2 hectares of space, featuring man...

Centre de Néphrologie et de dialyse Targa

  • Medical center
Nephrology Center of Hemodialysis Kidney Disease

Clinique du Soleil

  • Clinic
Clinique du Soleil is the first medical establishment specializing in cosmetics surgery in Marrakech. The clinic is owned by Associate Professor Val de Grace, Hassan El Gbouri. The surgery offers cosmetics procedures such as breast implants, hair tra...

Clinique Menara

  • Clinic
Menara Clinic is the largest private cancer centre in Morocco, dedicated to detection, diagnosis and treatment of tumors. The establishment has an agreement with the NSSF and CNOPS for the management and care of patients. The clinic has five floors...

Elodie Ricard Dietician

  • Nutritionist
Elodie Ricard is a dietician based in Marrakech, a specialist in weight issues, obesity, diabetes and food rebalancing.