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The Jouhara is the beautiful Moroccan restaurant that is located in Hotel The Pearl Marrakech. The restaurant is truly a place of culinary wonder, a place where you will find the most elegant and perfected dishes. With the addition of the exquisite Terrace, as you ponder upon the stars and over the view of the red city, and seeing it all reflected on the clear water of the pool, all as you are enjoying the wonderful menu.

Opening hours
Open for dinner from 19h30 to 1h00.

Capacity of 90 people in the lounge.

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  • Traditional moroccan soup harira with dates "majhoule" and almonds 120 Dhs
  • Phyllo dough "pastilla" of chicken with almonds 140 Dhs
  • Assortments of moroccan salads 120 Dhs
  • Phyllo dough "briouates" with minced meat, cheese and vegetables 120 Dhs


  • Cockerel tajine with candied lemon, red olives and rice perfumed with saffron 210 Dhs
  • Candied lamb shank with dried fruits and royal semolina 250 Dhs
  • Shin of beef in "tanjia marrakchia" style 280 Dhs
  • Chicken "tride" with four spices, moroccan galette and lentils 250 Dhs
  • Beef couscous with vegetables, "tfaya" with raisins and caramelized onions 220 Dhs
  • Couscous with vegetables 180 Dhs
  • Beef tajine in "Makfoul" style, tomatoes and caramelized onions 220 Dhs
  • Berber tajine with vegetables 180 Dhs
  • Roasted lamb in "Mechoui Jouhara" style, sauteed vegetables 300 Dhs
  • Chef's tajine 250 Dhs


  • Almond's milk phyllo dough pastilla in "mille feuille" style 90 Dhs
  • Orange slices salad, cinnamon and dates, citrus sorbet 90 Dhs
  • M'hamssa in "riz au lait" style, crunch of almonds and "Selou" ice cream 90 Dhs
  • Fresh fruits slices perfumed with orange blossom 90 Dhs
  • Mhancha with almonds and pure honey 110 Dhs


  • Starter+main course+sweet 450 Dhs
  • Starter+main course+sweet 650 Dhs
Le Jouhara Angle Avenue Echouhada et Rue des Temples, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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