Top spots to dance all night

Top spots to dance all night
  • Theatro

    The go-to nightclub in Marrakesh, a place where the music is always up to date with a flare of the old school. Located in the heart of the Hivernage. Embedded in the Hotel Saadi, it benefits from all the establishment surrounding it. As you go to the Casino SAADI, from there to Epicurien for a dinner and you go down the stairs to Theatro to continue your night and enjoy the attention to detail, in both service and entertainment.

  • Le MOD Milano 1933

    After its name, you understand that the club has an Italian theme to it. The entire compound offers a complete nighttime experience, as you enjoy properly made Italian food in its luxurious restaurant; then you can listen to music as you sip on your cocktail in the Red Lounge, as the night grows, you head to the Mod Club, where you find renowned DJs and professional dancers bringing all the excitement needed to have a unique night.

  • W Club

    The Hotel Savoy is known as a luxurious hotel, but also for housing W Club. One of the nightclubs in Marrakesh famous for its exclusive guest DJs and light show. The club itself is exclusive as well with a high-end clientele. Make sure you enjoy the private bar with a 360-degree view of the city.

  • L'Envers

    Envers is known as a dancing lounge. A place where you do not want to stay until dawn, without a large number of clubbers and it has a cozy feel to it. They offer great tapas, full meals, and specialty cocktails. With its New York vibe, the music is also trendy and will keep you dancing all night.

  • So Night Lounge Marrakech

    The So Sofitel has offered us the So Lounge Marrakech, a place where you combine prestige, luxury, and chic decoration. Dominated with a white theme, you are welcomed with open space, with the tables cascading towards the dance floor where you can find the resident DJ. An ambiance the compliments the nightlife of Marrakesh.

  • Bendoo

    If you would like to enjoy a late dinner, we do recommend Bendoo. A place where great setting, occidental, and oriental music meet. They have a great menu but on top of that, you get to indulge in your meal while enjoying the live show. There are also the oriental dancers to spice things up. Do not forget to check out the rooftop. Drinking your cocktail as you gaze on Marrakesh from a panoramic view.