• Mall
Almazar is a shopping centre home to many brands, shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as the Carrefour supermarket and the childrens fun park. There are 1,200 parking spaces.

Carre Eden

  • Mall
The shopping centre Carre Eden has 80 shopping units for shopping, clothing, beauty, accessories, home decor and electrical appliances. There is also ...

Carrefour Almazar

  • Mall
Located on the lower level of Almazar Shopping Centre, Carrefour supermarket sells a variety of day-to-day items, food, beauty products as well as clo...

Acima Massira

  • Mall
Acima is a supermarket with locations in all major cities throughout Morocco. The shop sells food products, linens for home, clothing, pet food and al...

Marjane Square Menara

  • Mall
Menara Marjane Square is a shopping centre located near the supermarket Marjane. There are over thirty brands, including Etam, Celio, Kitea and Electr...

Aswak Assalam

  • Mall
Aswak Assalam is a well known chain operating in urban cities throughout Morocco. It opened recently in Marrakech and already has two locations, owned...

Menara Mall

  • Mall
Located on the site where the hotel Pickalbatros once was, the Menara Mall is a shopping centre that includes a hotel, several restaurants, a spa, chi...


  • Mall
Label'Vie has opened its doors in Gueliz, in the heart of Marrakesh. Like in other cities throughout the Kingdom, the supermarket sells a range of ...

Carrefour Market

  • Mall
Located in the basement of the Carré Eden shopping center, Carrefour is a supermarket that offers many miscellaneous products...

L'ensemble Artisanal de l'Avenue Mohammed V

  • Mall
This complex contains all trades from all over the country and presents the rich tapestry of traditional Moroccan craftsmenship.

Le Marché des Halles

  • Butcher's shop
  • Bakerie
  • Cheese shop
Le Marché des Halls is this establishment where many merchants have gathered to offer different facilities from a florist, a butcher, a bakery and man...

Asswak Assalam Road to Essaouira

  • Mall
Assalam Aswak is a Moroccan supermarket which does not sell alcoholic beverages.


  • Mall
Specialist self-service wholesale, for individuals and professionals, regular promotions and freshness is guaranteed.

Carrefour Targa

  • Mall
Carrefour is a shopping mall, a part of the large french chain, moreover, the establishment is occupying 3800 m² in the Targa district.