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The third culinary signature of the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, the Quattro offers a real stopover in Italy!

Chef Piero Nogaro wants us to discover the delights of his native country. Inspired by the diversity of the peninsula and far from the clichés of Italian cuisine, it offers us authentic recipes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Let yourself be tempted by succulent pasta recipes, including the amazing linguine with sardines or the grilled prawns with citrus fruits and zucchini with mint and discover pizzolis, a Sicilian variant of pizza.
To accompany the whole, the mixologist and the sommelier will be able to advise you on the best Italian cocktails and wines according to your tastes and the dishes chosen.

Finally, the restaurant, whose renovation has been supervised by the Parisian architectural firm Atelier POD, offers a chic and refined setting, the result of a cultural mix between southern Italy and Morocco. The result is a living decoration combining zelliges and marble, custom-made furniture and exceptional lighting underlining the ancestral link between these two worlds, which are both complementary and significantly different. And you can also enjoy the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Resort's majestic fountain. Entirely modular, the interior has been arranged in different spaces separated by vaults. Indeed, the place is intended to be the setting for a restaurant that evolves over the day, the morning being oriented towards the Moroccan universe for breakfast and the evening showing a place of Italian inspiration.

You can also come here in the morning to have breakfast in front of the fountain, for a moment of total relaxation and indulgence of course!

Owner's word
With this restaurant, we pay tribute to the fantastic culinary heritage of southern Italy. We hope to become an unmissable event for international tourists and the Marrakchi people. Blaise Montandon.

Opening hours
Dinner :
Every day from 7pm to 11.30pm.

Indoor seating capacity: 76

Seating outside, dinner: 24

Breakfast: 40

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  • INSALATA D’ARANCE (Orange segments, black olives, anchovies, fennel salad, nuts, mint..) 160 Dhs
  • CAPONATA (Eggplants, cherry tomatoes, celery, pine nuts and olives) 160 Dhs
  • POLPO (Grilled octopus, cannellini , celery purée, turnips drizzled with salsa verde) 210 Dhs
  • CARPACCIO DI MANZO (Beef carpaccio,truffle vinaigrette,arugula,parmesan cheese,toast) 230 Dhs
  • FRITTO DI PESCE E VERDURE ALLA SEMOLINA (Calamari and prawns served with a pesto aïoli.) 230 Dhs
  • TONNO ROSSO DEL MEDITERRANEO (Tuna carpaccio, capers, lemon zest and oregano) 260 Dhs
  • SPAZIO ALLA CREATIVITÀ ( a four courses menu made by our chef Piero) 800 Dhs


  • BROCCOLI (Broccoli cream,olives taggiasche,sun-dried cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta) 160 Dhs
  • PERE E GORGONZOLA (Gorgonzola, pear, walnuts and balsamic reduction) 160 Dhs
  • PROSCIUTTO (Parma ham seasonal fruit, goat cheese, shaved parmesan arugula and balsam..) 190 Dhs
  • TARTUFO (Ricotta with truffle cream, potatoes with chives) 200 Dhs


  • FOCACCIA (Ricotta cream, Nutella and crushed caramelized hazelnut) 95 Dhs
  • TORTA SICULA (Pistachio biscuits with lemon and mint cream) 95 Dhs
  • TIRAMISU (Traditional tiramisú, mascarpone cream and coffee sponge cake) 95 Dhs
  • SEMIFREDDO ALLE MANDORLE (Caramelized almonds and spiced chocolate sauce) 95 Dhs
  • FONDENTE (Chocolate fondant and pistachio ice cream) 95 Dhs
  • FRUTTA BELLINI (Baked fruits, moroccan spices and prosecco peach sorbet) 95 Dhs


  • MINESTRONE TRADIZIONALE (Minestrone soup with vegetables and olive oil) 160 Dhs
  • NORMA (Penne eggplant, tomato sauce and salted ricotta) 190 Dhs
  • TROFIE AL PESTO E BURRATA (Pesto, dried tomatoes and burrata) 220 Dhs
  • LINGUINE CON LE SARDE (Sardines, saffron, fennel, almonds and pine nuts) 230 Dhs
  • ORECCHIETTE (Broccoli, chicken sausages, garlic, veal juice and toasted bread crumbs) 230 Dhs
  • GNOCCHI (Lamb and beef ragout with parmesan cheese) 250 Dhs
  • RISOTTO ALLA PESCATORA (Squids, prawns, seabass and seafood) 260 Dhs
  • PACCHERI ARTIGIANALI (Tiger prawns and lime) 260 Dhs


  • POLLO SALTIMBOCCA (Chicken breast with parma ham, sage and sautéed spinach) 220 Dhs
  • MAIALINO DA LATTE (24hours slow cooked suckling pork belly,red onion marmalade,fennel..) 220 Dhs
  • COSTOLETTE D’AGNELLO (Grilled lamb chops with Fungitelle eggplants) 280 Dhs
  • LOMBATA DI VITELLO PALERMITANA (Traditional veal chop breaded with herbs and spiced...) 320 Dhs
  • TAGLIATA DI MANZO (Grass fed Black Angus beef rib eye with arugula salad, aged parmesan) 550 Dhs


  • COUSCOUS SPEZIATO DI PESCE (Sicilian spiced couscous with scorpion fish) 200 Dhs
  • SPIGOLA (Seabass filet with olives tapenade, celery and green sauce) 260 Dhs
  • CARTOCCIO (‘’Papillote’’ John Dory with potatoes and cherry tomatoes) 260 Dhs
  • GRIGLIATA DI PESCE (Seasonnal mix grill fish and seafood) 280 Dhs
  • GAMBERI (Grilled prawns with citrus fruit and minted zucchini) 280 Dhs


  • SPINACI (Spinach, mozzarella, anchovies and olive taggiasche) 180 Dhs
  • ROMANA (Mozzarella, beef sausages, peppers, tomato sauce and pecorino) 190 Dhs
  • COPPA (Ceps, coppa, arugula and mozzarella) 210 Dhs
  • TONNO (Mozzarella, tuna, tomatoes, onions, anchovies, capers and origano) 210 Dhs
  • PUGLIESE (Burrata cheese, sun-dried tomato and pesto) 220 Dhs
Quattro Four Seasons Marrakech, 1, Boulevard de la Menara, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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