Restaurant du Ksar Char Bagh

Restaurant du Ksar Char Bagh

Just a few metres from the media is Ksar Char-Bagh, inspired by 14th-century Moorish art which creates an atmosphere that mixes Moroccan charm with the luxury of a palace. With a garden filled with rare herbs and vegetables, the ksar invites guests to sample creative dishes with a Mediterranean touch. The hotel has been named among the most beautiful in the world six times.

Opening hours
Open every day from 8pm

265 people.

Annual closing
Annual closing from July 20 to August 10.

Nicole and Patrick Levillair, Eric Rodrigue

From 400 to 600 Dhs

Restaurant du Ksar Char Bagh La Palmeraie, Boite Postale 2449, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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