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The Royal Mansour of Marrakesh is a rare architectural jewel. Located in the heart of the aging walls of Marrakesh. The experience carries through your stay, the architecture, the decor and of course the entire service. In the Royal Mansour of Marrakesh, you need to forget about the classic rooms and suites; here they offer a selection of Riads that have you reliving the one thousand- and one-night charm. Each one of them carry a different ambiance and presence. The culture and Moroccan touch in its architecture ranging from the color choice, the woodwork, carpets, fabric and of course the zelliges. The artisanal decor creates a unique experience.

The 15 Superior Riads will leave you in awe of all the attention to details and the craftsmanship of its decor. It is the perfect escape, a refined stay, whether alone, with friends or with that special someone. It takes place in a 140 m² of architectural art. The Riad gives a homey feel to it and on top of that, it keeps the soul of the traditional Moroccan design through its terrace, the stretched patio and the unique view of the Atlas Mountains and at its base the old Medina.

A more romantic setting is what you will find in the 19 Premium Riads. With a space of 175 m², it gives the impression that you are staying in a cozy palace. Artistic Moroccan touch remains in its layout, the arabesque charm continues.

The unique 14 Privileged Riads are more than double the size, reaching up to 430 m². It is a safe haven where you indulge yourself in your own private lounge area, a terrace for the secluded dinners under the starry nights of Marrakesh; and let us not forget about your own bar, adding that extra fun for your late nights.

For that unique experience, we introduce to you the Prestige Riad, offering 850 m² of refined luxury in a Moroccan setting. The Riad comes with its own Hammam, three rooms, Moroccan Salon, a bar and even a library.

The Grand Riad is known to be the trademark of Royal Mansour Marrakesh, the emerald of the establishment where all celebrities and even royalty tend to spend their time if they are ever in the red city. The onboard staff that will leave no stone unturned for you, the more than 1800 m² where you can enjoy the luxury of a vast set. It comes with its own Hammam, bar, salon, gym and Home Theater. There is also a private pool and a billiard table. Luxury in a new outfit drizzled with Moroccan charm and detail. A stay unlike any other.

The Royal Mansour Marrakesh will also be your source for gastronomic culinary delicacies. Under the guidance of the 3 Michelin star chef Yannick Alléno; you know that your palate will have a unique experience in the different restaurants that this luxurious hotel offers. As you indulge your palate, you can also give the rest of your body the same treatment in the Spa Royal Mansour Marrakesh. More than 2500 m² all dedicated to your wellbeing. The number of different treatments and massages will leave you with exactly what your body and mind need.

Royal Mansour Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti, 40000 - Marrakech Voir sur Google Maps
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