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CULTURE The city of Marrakesh holds in its corners a lavish history, a long lasting heritage, the touch of hundreds of years of different dynasties. Amongst the different rulings, it was the Saadians that has helped Marrakesh grow in beauty, they paid more attention to it, and they renovated, built and embellished it. Making i...
HISTORY Amongst the rare jewels of the city of Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque, located in the southwest of the old medina. We will take you on a journey to explore the story behind this towering trademark.
WOW Marrakech is known to offer a versatile menu of adventures, a mixture of different sources of joy is gathered in this red city. You can easily spend the morning in the snowy mountains of Oukaimden, and on the way down stop for a traditional Tajin on a hill overlooking the flowing river of Ourika, by sunset you’ll be ab...
HERITAGE The one and only Dar El Bacha, a place that remains amongst the trademarks of Marrakesh, has been recovered by the National Foundation of Museums in 2014, being The Museum of Confluences. A simply beautiful palace that reserves the Moroccan culture in its foundation. We will share with you its story!
HISTORY We know Gueliz to be the modern and luxurious side of the city of Marrakesh, it is what provides the contrast we have all grown to love. We will share with you the story and history of its birth, how it has developed to become what it is now. These are the 5 things you didn’t know about Gueliz.
A good question! For us, the residents of the red city, are families and friends on vacation in Marrakech often expect us to make a program of their stay - what to do? what to see? where to eat? are typical questions

So, Made in Marrakech has put together a small overview of the places not to be missed f...

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L’ennui et la routine ne feront pas partie de votre quotidien grâce à notre sélection des nouvelles adresses et ouvertures à Marrakech !

Museum des Bijoux Nawahi

Museum des Bijoux Nawahi is located in a Riad in the Medina of Marrakech. Private collectors have come together to present various kinds of jewelry from all around Morocco and beautiful collections. A rooftop terrace offers snacks, fresh fruit juices and daily...

Flash Cars

Flash Cars is a car-rental agency with a fleet of cars from the least expensive to the most luxurious. Compact cars, 4x4 and mini-buses are available. With professional, trained drivers fluent in several languages, a hotline and helpdesk available 24/7, Flash Cars...

Bab Aylen

Bab Aylen is a small door to the east of the medina, with great historical value, since it resisted the invasion of the Almohads in 1129.